Hotel Quindós promotes young artists

Hotel Quindós, León: Much more than a tradition

Hotel Quindós started its journey 70 years ago. After a fire in 1966, Jaime Quindós (member of the 2nd generation of hoteliers at the head of Hotel Quindós) decided to construct a new hotel (the current one), which will celebrate its 45th anniversary this year.

Jaime Quindós and his wife, Sira Martín-Granizo, have always been, and continue being, two passionate patriots of the arts and have been great promoters of young artists throughout their lives. Because of their determination and fascination with the world of art and creation, the Maese Nicolás was born, a famous gallery that has artistically housed great teachers like Manuel Alcorlo or the disappeared Chillida, among others. This spirit has remained captured in all of the walls of our house, which we hope makes you feel at home, where we house a collection of more than 1100 catalogued works of art. Miró, Picasso or Chillida share the space with young artists in the temporary exhibitions which we renew every 3 months.

Nowadays, the 3rd generation continues the legacy of its fathers and grandfathers, maintaining the hotel’s art gallery alive and that vintage spirit that inundates the traveller right after passing through the doors. Our interesting, cultural agenda carries out an essential role so that the time passes in a relaxing yet intense way with our jazz or piano concerts, the poetry recitals, the bike trips, the wine tasting tours, or simply by visiting our city.

Our passion has converted us into the artists’ hotel. Paul Auster, Carmen Linares, Juan Barjola, Javier Reverte, Julia Navarro or Rafael Amargo have been some of our guests.